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  • Adress: Via Del Celso, 78, Monte di Pietà, 90134 Palermo, Italia

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1Is it safe to cycle in Palermo?
Apart from few exceptions where you have to pay attention, cycling along cycle-pedestrian tracks with no cars or tourist buses is safe. Helmet is not compulsory in Italy, but it’s a good choice for a safer cycling experience and for respect of all those cyclists who are used to wearing it. If you decide to have a guided bike tour, your tour leader will certainly make you follow only safe paths, even out of the city.
2Can we enter museums and gardens by bicycle?
Historic buildings and museums are normally forbidden to cyclists with their conventional bicycles, but there are racks in front of the entrances of almost all major sites of interest, including the gardens. A good bike chain will always be necessary to keep your bike safe.
3 What is weather like in Palermo?
Palermo’s climate is absolutely great, it hardly ever rains, and should it happen… it would be a good excuse to stop at a good cafè!
4Cycling in Palermo is appropriate for children?
Yes! It’s a great experience for them! Tricycles, adult tandems, or bikes with training wheels for adults or children are available at my friends’ rental shop “Sicicla”. If you choose their bike tour, please just keep in mind that children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the tours.